General terms of engagement of ARAVOLO Spain

Prevalence of the Spanish Version

The original version in Spanish of these Terms and Conditions has been translated to other languages. The translated version is a courtesy translation and non-official, so it is not possible to extract rights of this translation. In case of dispute between the content and the interpretation of the terms and conditions, as in the assumption of conflicts, contradictions and discrepancies between the Spanish version and the rest of versions, the Spanish version of these Conditions prevails and it is conclusive to the extent that it is permitted by law. The User can check the Spanish version in our Platform (choosing the language) or requesting to ARAVOLO a copy by hand.

1. General Information

The ownership of this website, ARAVOLO.COM (from this point forward, equally Website or ARAVOLO) is held by ARAVOLO CYCLES, SLU, NIF B-98681166 and registered in the Commercial Registry of Valencia, with registration details: sheet V-162037, volume 9867, page 121 and contact details:

This document, as in all the documents here mentioned, regulates the conditions of this Website and the purchase or acquisition of services (from this point forward, Conditions) direct or indirectly through resellers or hotels.

For the purpose of these Conditions, it is understood that the activity ARAVOLO develops through the Website comprises the service as a platform of booking of touristic services hired by the users (from this point forward, equally User or Users). The contracts are made directly between users, by themselves or through resellers and providers of touristic services (from this point forward, Providers).

Besides reading the Conditions, before accessing, navigating or using this webpage, the user must have read the Legal Notice, including cookies policy and privacy and protection data policy of ARAVOLO. Using this Website or requesting the acquisition of a service through it, the user agrees being bound together by these Conditions and everything previously mentioned, so if you do not agree, you must not use this Website.

In addition to this, we inform that these conditions could be modified. The user is responsible for consulting them each time he gets in, navigating or using the Website, because there will be applied those who are valid in the moment someone requests the acquisition of a service.

For all the questions a user could have regarding with the Conditions, you can get in touch with the holder using the contact details mentioned above.

2. The Service

The service provided by ARAVOLO to the User as to the intermediaries in their case is for free, because the price that the User has paid does not increase. The Providers pay a commission (a little percentage of the price of the product) to ARAVOLO.

The contracts are executed directly between Users, by themselves or through resellers and providers of touristic services. ARAVOLO is not a contracting party for booked excursions and other touristic services. ARAVOLO only acts as an intermediary between the User and the Provider of the tour and the touristic service. When making the booking, the User establishes a direct legal relationship with the Provider. Since the User makes a booking, ARAVOLO only acts like an intermediary between the User and the Provider, transmitting the booking details to the Provider(s) and sending a confirmation email to the User representing the Provider.

In the cases when there is expressly a contract between providers, ARAVOLO acts as a ticketing company.

The Website, its content, structure and booking services are at User’s disposition only for a personal use, not commercial.

The Website must not be seen as a recommendation or promotion of the quality or level or service of any Provider or his facilities, enclosure, products or available services.

3. The User

The access, navigation and use of this Website confers the condition of user (from this point forward “User” or “Users”). So they are accepted, since navigation through the website has started, all the Conditions here established, likewise its subsequent modifications, with no prejudice to the application of the correspondent legal regulations of compulsory accomplishment depending on the case.

The User assumes his responsibility for a proper use of the Website. This responsibility will be extended to:

Using this Website only to make legally valid inquiries and purchases.
Not making any false or fraudulent purchase. If, in a reasonably way, a purchase could be considered of this nature, it could be annulated and authorities would be informed.
Facilitating true and licit contact details, for example, email, zip code, and other data (see General Use Conditions). The inscription under a pseudonym will not be authorized. ARAVOLO could delete accounts under wrong names, pseudonyms, etc.
The register will be limited to natural persons. In case of the register of an enterprise or legal person, the person who makes the registration must have the proper authorization to act in the name of the legal person.
The user states being of legal age and having the legal capacity to enter into contracts through this Website.
It is not permitted to register more than one user account for the same natural or legal person. The user account is not transferable.
The User is obliged to provide verified information. ARAVOLO is not responsible if a booked service is not accomplished or if other damages are produced due to outdated information.

This website is mainly focused on users from Spain. ARAVOLO does not ensure that this Website complies with the legislation of other countries, either total or partially. ARAVOLO declines all responsibility that could derive from this access, and neither assures the compensation of services out of Spain.

The User could formalize, by his election, the buying and selling contract of the services in any language in which these Conditions would be available on this Website.

4. Process of Purchase and Acquisition

The Users, registered or as a guest user, could buy on the Website by the established means and ways. They must follow the online purchase procedure of ARAVOLO.COM, during which various services can be chosen and added to the cart, or final purchasing space until finally clicking in “Conclude booking process”. To book a specific tour or another touristic service, you need to make a request through the booking interface related to the website ARAVOLO and introduce the precise information. The user could ask for an invoice.

As well, the User must replenish or check the information in every step where it is needed, although, during the purchase procedure, before making the payment, the purchase details can be modified.

Immediately, the User will receive an email from ARAVOLO with the corresponding tickets. With the objective of completing and guaranteeing the booking, the User needs to use a correct email. ARAVOLO does not take responsibility, neither has the obligation to verify any error or spelling mistake in the email nor any telephone number or credit card number.

Once the purchase procedure has concluded, the User agrees the Website to generate an electronic invoice which will arrive at the provider through the email and, when applicable, to the User through the email provided.

The communications, purchase orders and payments that participate during the transactions made in the Website could be filed and preserved in the computerised registers of ARAVOLO with the purpose of constituting a mean of proof of the transactions, in all case respecting the reasonable security conditions and the current laws and regulations that could be applicable, and particularly attending the LOPD.

The provider could establish some eligibility requirements for his products. These are in the description of the product. The User is responsible for accomplishing these requirements. The provider has the right to refuse or exclude them from a specific service in case of a not accomplishment of this requirement. In this case, a refund will not be available.

5. Availability

All the requests of purchase received by ARAVOLO through the Website are subjected to the availability of the services or that any circumstance or cause of force majeure (clause 9) affects the compensation of services.

6. Prices and Payment

The prices displayed on the Website are the final ones, in Euros (€) and they include taxes unless, by legal exigency, they are pointed out and a different matter is applicable, especially relating to VAT.

In any case, the Website will apply additional costs to the price of a product automatically but only those that the User has selected and chosen freely and voluntarily, like the Paypal payment.

Prices can change at any moment, but the possible changes will not affect the demands or purchases regarding the User has already received a purchase confirmation.

ARAVOLO facilitates, through the external processor of payments corresponding to the Provider. All the payments facilitated by ARAVOLO and transferred to the PROVIDER will constitute in each case a payment by the User (from) the price of the corresponding service and the User could not complain about these paid prices.

The accepted payment methods will be credit/debit card and Paypal. When the payment method is Paypal, an increase will be applied due to management fees, previous notification to the User. They will be made through an independent platform from ARAVOLO. ARAVOLO will only be responsible for the contents and services provided in this platform if ARAVOLO knows its unlawfulness.

ARAVOLO uses all the means to guarantee the confidentiality and security of all payment details transmitted by the User during the transaction through the Website. As such, the Website uses Secure Socket Layer. In any case, clicking on “Finish Booking”, the User confirms that the payment method that has used is his. In that moment, an exchangeable ticket will be sent out by the pertinent service.

Delays on the payment, erroneous bank details, credit or debit card details, non-valid credit or debit cards or with insufficient bank balance, the responsibility lies with the User and he could not benefit from the reimbursement of the payment, depending on the cancellation policy of the pertinent Provider, indicated in the information of the product.

In case of fraud or a non-authorised use of the credit card by third-parties, the majority of bans and companies that issue credit cards conceal all the expenses resultant from this fraud or bad use. In these cases, the User must notice this situation.

7. Technical Means to Correct Errors

The User, before clicking in “Finish Booking”, has access to the espace, cart or shopping basket where all his purchase requests are written down and can make changes. The User is responsible for the non-finalization of the booking in case of having errors of information.

ARAVOLO could only modify the emitted tickets in those cases when the Provider permits that modification, that is, in the cases when the cancellation is permitted. This possibility will consist of the information of the product and the voucher or ticket emitted afterwards. The modification will only be possible in those cases the User communicate to ARAVOLO the errors in a period of 48 hours since the emission of the ticket. Once this period has expired, ARAVOLO will not take on responsibility of modifying the errors introduced by the User.

In those cases it is not indicated the impossibility of cancellation, the User, in case he has detects an error when introducing the details required to process his purchase request in the Website, he could modify them getting in touch with ARAVOLO through the information given at the clause one (General Information) to contact with the customer service.

In the same form, the User can consult the Legal Advice and General Conditions of Use to collect more information about how he can exercise the right of rectification according to the established on Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data, and in the EU regulation 2016/79 of Parliament and the Council, 27th April 2016, relating to the protection of natural persons in respect of the treatment of personal details and the free movement of personal data and, por that, the Leadership 95/46/CE (the General Regulation of data protection) is repealed.

8. Reimbursement

Right of cancellation

The User must irrefutably ensure himself before processing a booking about the accuracy and adequation of the details that he has introduced, because the reimbursement of the acquired services is not possible once you have made the purchase. If you cannot assist or has committed an error when acquiring the services, it is not a reason to reimburse your money. They will only be nullified because of possible operational or technique incidences attributable to ARAVOLO. In this sense, it is understood that the service has been completely executed, when the execution has started with the previous express consent of the User, with the recognition on his behalf that he is conscious about once the contract has been executed by the manager, he has lost his right of cancellation. The contract is completely executed by ARAVOLO at the moment that ARAVOLO has made the opportune paperwork to obtain the concurrence of wills between the User and the Provider.


The User, as he is consumer and user, has some guarantees about the products that can acquire through this Website. You can claim to get in touch with ARAVOLO through the data details of the first section.

In this sense, it is understood that the products are according to the contract whenever they adjust to the description made by ARAVOLO and given on the Website.

9. Exemption from Liability

Unless any legal provision in the opposite sense, ARAVOLO will restrict its responsibility in the following special cases:

ARAVOLO applies all the concerning measures to provide a faithful display of the product on the Website, however, it is not responsible for the minimum differences or inaccuracies that could exist due to the lack of resolution of the screen or the problems with the browser.
ARAVOLO will act with the maximum diligence when communicating with the different participant parts in the celebration of the contract until the use of the service by the final consumer. Nevertheless, it is not responsible for the prejudices resulting from errors of third platforms like DNS, payment platform, hosting, and in general any other typical causes of the sector.
Technical failures that, due to accidental causes, impede the normal functioning of the service through the Internet. Lack of availability of the Website due to maintenance or others that impede having the service available. ARAVOLO uses all its available means to comply with the purchase procedure, the payment and the use of the product, however, ARAVOLO has the exemption from liability due to non-attributable causes, accidental causes or causes of force majeure.
ARAVOLO will not be responsible for the improper use of the vouchers made by the Users. At the same time, ARAVOLO will neither be responsible for an erroneous reimbursement made by the User. It is the responsibility of the User to make a correct reimbursement.
In general, ARAVOLO will not be responsible for any breach or delay in the compliance of any of the assumed responsibilities, when it is due to occurrences which are out of its reasonable control, this is, due to causes of force majeure, as it is pending to include in an expository way but not exhaustive:
Strikes, lockouts or other rescindable measures.
Civil shock, riot, invasion, threat, terrorist attack, war (official or not) or menace or attempt.
Conflagration, explosion, thunderstorm, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
The impossibility to use trains, boats, planes, motorized transport or any other means of transport, public or private.
The impossibility to use public or private telecommunication systems.

Normative restrictions from any government or public authority.

In this way, the responsibility would be invalidated during the period in which the cause of force majeure continues, and ARAVOLO will have an available ampliation to fulfil them in a determined period of time as long as the cause of force majeure lasts. ARAVOLO will use all its available means to find a solution that permits us to comply with our responsibilities despite the cause of force majeure.

Conforming to the limits indicated on these terms and conditions, to the extent that it is permitted by law, ARAVOLO will only be responsible for the direct damages that the user pays, suffers or contracts because of attributable defects to the responsibilities of ARAVOLO with reference to its services, until a certain amount of the total cost of the price of the service (due to an event or a series of events).

10. Written Communications and Notifications

By the use of this Website, the User accepts that the major part of the communications with ARAVOLO are electronic (email or notices published on our Website).

In contractual effects, the User consents to use this electronic mean of communication and agrees that all contract, notification, information and other communications that ARAVOLO sends electronically comply with all the legal requirements as they were in writing. This condition will not affect the rights granted by law.

The User can send notifications or communicate with ARAVOLO through the contact details that these Conditions facilitate and, in this case, through the contact spaces of the Website.

11. Renunciation

Any renunciation of ARAVOLO to a right or a concrete action or the lack of request by ARAVOLO of the strict accomplishment by the User of any of his responsibilities means, neither a renunciation to other rights or actions derivative from a contract or from the Condition, nor will release the User to the compliance of his responsibilities.

Any renunciation of ARAVOLO to any of the present Conditions or to the rights or actions derivative from a contract will take effect, unless it is expressly mentioned that it is a renunciation and formalize and communicate to the User by hand.

12. Entire Agreement

The present Conditions and every document referred in these Conditions constitute the whole existing agreement between the User and ARAVOLO in relation with the object of the buying and selling as they replace any other pact, agreement or promise orally convened or by hand.

The User and ARAVOLO recognize to have consent the celebration of a contract with not having trusted in any statement or promise made by the other part unless that wat appear expressly mentioned in these Conditions.

13. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents of this Website, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links and other audiovisual and talking content, as in its graphic design and source code are the intellectual property of ARAVOLO or third-parties.

ARAVOLO keeps exclusively the property of all intellectual property rights, of the Platform. The User cannot copy, compile, link, publish, promote, sell, combine or use the content or the brand of ARAVOLO without permission.

14. Personal Data Protection

The information or personal data that the User facilitates to ARAVOLO in a transaction on the Website will be treated as it is established in the personal data protection policy (Legal Notice and General Conditions of Use). When acceding, navigating or using the Website, the User consents the treatment of this information and data and states that all the information and data provided are true.

15. Complaints and Claims

The User must pass his complaints, claims and any other commentary to ARAVOLO through the contact details facilitated at the beginning of these Conditions (General information).

Any complaint or claim against ARAVOLO or regarding the Service must be made immediately or in a period of 30 days since the expected date of the consumption of the service. Any complaint or claim sent out of this period of 30 days could be denied and complainant will lose all right to any compensation. Due to possible updates and fittings of the rates and availability, we recommend the User to make screenshots when making a booking to support his argument (when needed).

In addition to this, ARAVOLO has complaint forms at the disposal of the consumer and user, as they can request them to ARAVOLO at any moment, using the contact details facilitated at the beginning of these Conditions (General information).

Additionally, if there is a controversy when executing a contract between ARAVOLO and the User, the User, as a consumer, can request an extrajudicial solution, according to EU regulations Nº 524/2013 of Parliament and the Council, 21st May 2013, about the resolution of disputes online in matters of consumption. You can access to this method through the Website:

16. Applicable Law

These General Conditions will be regulated and interpreted according to the Spanish legislation. Among others, by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 for the Protection of Consumers and Users, and the Law 34/2002 of information society and e-commerce services.

17. Possible Controversy

In case of controversy in which it is not possible to reach a peaceable solution, a professional intervention will be used, the arbitration can also be chosen and the subsequent judicial, limited to the previous exhaustion of alternative means of resolution of conflicts. In these cases, it will belong to the Court of Valencia.

18. Prevalence of the Spanish Version

The original version in Spanish of these Terms and Conditions has been translated to other languages. The translated version is a courtesy translation and non-official, so it is not possible to extract rights of this translation. In case of dispute between the content and the interpretation of the terms and conditions, as in the assumption of conflicts, contradictions and discrepancies between the Spanish version and the rest of versions, the Spanish version of these Conditions prevails and it is conclusive to the extent that it is permitted by law. The User can check the Spanish version in our Platform (choosing the language) or requesting to ARAVOLO a copy by hand.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal data incorporation to ARAVOLO file

In accordance with Ley Orgánica 15/1999, 13th December, on Protection of Personal Data (from this point forward, “LOPD”), it is reported that all personal data the User facilitates through this Web Site will be incorporated and treated in the files owned by ARAVOLO (from this point forward, “ARAVOLO”) to enable the provision of the service requested. The completion of all the services requested made available to the User. If all the data is not facilitated, ARAVOLO does not guarantee that the information and the services eased could be provided, or been provided correctly or been adjusted to the needs of the User.

2. Exercise of Rights

The User could exercise his right of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition expected in the LOPD getting in contact with ARAVOLO through the email

3. Prohibition of registration to minors

The services of the Site Web will only be available to grown-up people. Therefore, those who do not accomplish this condition must refrain themselves from providing personal information on the Website to be included in the database of ARAVOLO. Nevertheless, with the previous consent of their parents or guardians, they will proceed to the inclusion of their personal data in the files of the Website.

Cookies Policy

ARAVOLO uses third party cookies to improve its services through the analysis of the navigation of the User and offer a better experience and service. If the User continues navigation, the acceptance of the use is considered. In case of blocking the use of third party cookies in your browser, it is possible that some services of the website would not be available.

For the purpose of this Cookies policy, “continue navigating” means clicking in any button, check box or link to the Website; downloading any contents hereof or doing scroll.

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