Territorio Dinópolis | Description

EN: Formed by a large park in Teruel and seven centers in seven towns of the province, territory Dinópolis combines science and fun to live close to the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The seven centers are: Dinopolis: main park Dinópolis Territory. Located in the city of Teruel. Legendark: Located in the town of Galve. A 55 km. From Teruel. In this town is also visited, with the same ticket, the Municipal Museum of Paleontology. Inhóspitak: Located in the town of Peñarroya de Tastavins. A 190 km. from Teruel. AMBER REGION: Located in the town of Rubielos de Mora. A 55 km. from Teruel. FOREST stone: Located in the town of Castellote. A 120 km. from Teruel. MAR nummus: Located in the village of Albarracín. A 38 km. from Teruel. TITANIA: Located in the town of Riodeva. A 42 km. from Teruel. VALCARIA: Located in the town of Arino. A 125 km. from Teruel.